Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Romp proves to be a frightfully good time

Halloween came early this year for everyone who participated in the Children’s Museum annual Halloween Romp at Oakes Ames Memorial Hall in Easton. Children were rushed in by Mrs. Weasley,who guided them up the stairs or towards the fortune teller if they wished to have their fortune’s revealed to them. The mighty centaur guarded the door as Tinkerbell greeted everyone with a smile.

As children walked up the stairs, they were introduced to Marla Isaac’s Reptile and Raptors exhibit. Marla brought with her two owls, snakes, Madagascar cockroaches, and even a baby alligator. The mad scientists even let some lucky guests pet the alligator.

Before entering the hall, Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood held a candy corn guessing contest, where children guesstimated how many candy corns were in the witch’s jar. At the evening event, Tristan the Avenger made the educated assumption that the jar contained 334 pieces. Fortunately, he was the closest and took home the jar all for himself. The jar of candy corn was one of many prizes given away throughout the evening. Hilliard’s House of Candy was generous enough to donate a basket of Halloween goodies, while Lowe’s, Get Personal, Soups on Center, and others all donated great gifts for the kids and their families.

There were many crafts and games that kept the princesses and costume crusaders busy. Kids participated in the “make your own golden snitch” craft, where children replicated the golden snitch from the Harry Potter movies. There was also a “knock down Hedwig game,” “mummy wrap,” and dancing as well as many other fun-filled activities.

To wrap up the evening, kids and their families were led down to the elaborately decorated “trick or treat” portion of the hall. Families made their way through the dim lit corridors and were treated with not only sweets, but a toothbrush and toothpaste donated by Children's Dental Health Center to promote healthy living. Children also saw a dragon tamer, Rapunzel, a Hogwarts teacher, and a colorful Herbology Room that was wonderfully decorated. Families left with smiles on their faces and seemed as if they thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the Children’s Museum. We would also like to thank Oakes Ames Memorial Hall for letting us use their for the event. The Children's Museum hopes you had a spooktacular time.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Annual Children's Museum "Golf Fore! Kids" Tournament is a hole in one

It was another successful year at The Children’s Museum “Play Fore Kids Golf Tournament,” where families gathered at the Easton Country Club on Columbus Day. Over 100 participants were in attendance, including: moms and dads with their kids, grandparents, cousins, close family friends, and even some new ones that were met along the green.

The cool, crisp breeze mixed with the bright sun allowed for a pristine autumn golfing experience. Players competed against some exciting challenges such as: closest to the pin challenge, Longest Drive, Hole in One, Straightest Drive, 50/50, and more. Winners were not the only ones who walked away with prizes due to the numerous raffles donated by local families and businesses that were won by other ones. These raffle prizes covered a cornucopia of items ranging from a “Mom’s Dream Day Basket,” to a “Bruin’s Gold” packaged that contained an autographed photo and puck from Tuukka Rask.

The raffles and delicious catered dinner was followed by one of the most electric fireworks display in the area. Families and friends gathered outside to watch an over 15 min display that captivated the audience and put the finishing touch on a fun and eventful day. Before everyone began to depart, The Children’s Museum had the privilege of talking to some stand out players who participated at the tournament.

Jim Shapiro, annual player of the golf tournament, said: “the gold tournament is a great chance for all generations of family to spend time and play together.” Jim has been a sponsor of “Play Fore Kid’s Golf Tournament” since the beginning. His family, who scored 1st place in the novice category, insisted that the win was “contributed by the entire family,” making the victory even more special. Jim’s company, Audio Visual Intelligence, was kind enough to sponsor this event.

Another victorious competitor was 11 year old Ryan McGarry. Ryan stunned players by hitting the ball on the green from 131 yards away. His $10 reward was the first of many throughout the evening. Ryan, who has been playing golf for over 4 years, said “Easton Country Club offers players a great challenge that helps improve their game.” This competitive quality definitely worked in the McGarry’s favor. Although Ryan is undoubtedly competitive, he said to us that playing with his family was the best part about the day.” Ryan’s father, Sean, went on to say: “The Children’s Museum in Easton does a great job of organizing these events by reaching out to the community and providing families with a place to go.” Sean, Ryan, and the rest of their family placed nobly in 3rd place in the competitive category.

Tom James and his step son Zach wowed players with a 2nd place finish in the competitive category. In their first time golfing together, Tom noted that “Easton Country Club allows players of all experience levels the ability to compete together.” He went on to say “the course is designed so anyone from novice level to expert can have a great time playing.” Tom, who is an employee at Easton Country Club, stated that “The Children’s Museum does fantastic charity work,” something he is also passionate about. Tom lastly stated that “Playing with my step son Zach was such a great experience.” On that note Tom took off with Zach to go catch the start of the fireworks celebration.

The fireworks were generously donated by Evolution Sports Performance, allowing families to truly cap off a great Columbus Day.