Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Vacation Adventures

During this brisk February of 2015, the Children’s Museum in Easton adopted a new beloved friend, Bob the Bighorn Sheep!  Bob was adopted all the way from the NationalWildlife Federation and arrived just in time before the big storm hit this week.  Here at his new “home sheep home”, Bob has had a very fun and adventurous first couple of days and is excited to tell you all about it!

Young visitor searches a for clue
Time to heard the sheep
Monday kicked off February Vacation here at the Museum, which is a week full of nonstop activities.  This year’s theme revolves around the Chinese New Year, which consists of 12 zodiac signs and animals.  2015 is the year of the sheep, so Bob was in attendance as children completed activities around the Museum and solved the “Case of the Home Sheep Home”.  The case involved a scavenger hunt followed by 6 other activities to help a lost sheep get home.  The children completed every activity with “sheer determination” and each received a prize upon completion!

Snow sisters meet Bob!
Tuesday night, Bob attended our second ever Frozen themed event!  He was so excited to join the slumber party and share this very “ewe-nique” experience of meeting the snow sisters with the rest of the kids.  Children expressed their creativity through arts and crafts and got to sing and dance along as the princesses told their story!  The night concluded with the snow sisters signing autographs, and the children enjoying some hot cocoa and wintery treats.  To see more pictures and info on the slumber party,check out these pictures from the Easton Journal.

Bob trying out Mix 104.1 goodies
During this busy week of events, The Mix 104.1 Radio Station stopped by on Wednesday to take part in February Vacation with their “Wellness on Wheels” tour.  They were very friendly and generous, as they handed out supplies such as chapstick, car chargers, earphones, and “Essentia” water containing electrolytes.

Kids petting and greeting Brie
On February 20th, another exciting event took place when the Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog came to visit the Museum.  Environmental police officer Lt. Hennessey and his intelligent K9 partner Brie, playfully engaged with the children while sharing interesting facts.  Brie and Lt. Hennessey work mostly on commercial boats in Boston Harbor, and Brie proudly showed off her life vest purchased by Vest-A-Dog, to keep her safe.  Brie trains every single day and recently completed a K9 first aid course.  So far she has been trained to find different dangerous scents such as gun powder and bomb residue.  When she’s not training, she enjoys playing and getting lots of exercise!  PS.. Her and Bob really seemed to clique.

Brie found what she was looking for!
Bob's new friend Vest-A-Dog!
That same day, two representatives from New York Life Insurance came in and helped families create ID kits for the children.  These kits are a great contribution to children’s safety, as they scanned finger prints, loaded individual photos, and typed up personal information all onto a disk for each child to bring home.  Daniel and Sharon, the two financial advisors from the company are based right out of Bridgewater, and are both active members in the community.  They both love taking part in events that can make a difference in people’s lives. To learn more about Daniel and Sharon's visit check out our next blog post.

Don't worry.. The kids were able to solve the Case of the Home Sheep Home!  Bob had so much fun this passed week and he can't wait to see what adventures are in store next.  To see what adventures the Museum has planned visit