Friday, October 18, 2013

Golf Tournament

 The Ninth Annual Golf Tournament was a success!!!Over a hundred people showed up making the event very successful. The Children’s Museum in Easton could not be more pleased.  The golfing kicked off at 2:30pm, starting the event with lots of excitement and anticipation. Families all gathered together for the shotgun start.
       Once the golfing was finished it was time for a fun yet relaxing evening. The evening got underway with a fabulous dinner that everyone seemed to enjoy. It gave families time to get together chat and talk about how much fun they had over the day. It also gave the opportunity for families to meet other families that are a part of their local community, to build new relationships and new friendships!

         Not only was the meal delicious but the items up for raffles were fantastic. The places that donated to the raffle were local businesses such as Paperback Junction, Stonebridge CafĂ© and the Easton Country Club. The Boston Red Sox even pitched in to donate an item! Everyone lined up to buy their raffle tickets and think about how much fun it would be if they won!          The next exciting part of the night was handing out the awards to all the different people who had made great accomplishments during the day. Some of the winners included Brian and Drew Anderson, John and Jackson Shevlin for Novice Flight and Steve Tasho, Kevin Dias, Jim Shaloup and Jack Lang for competitive flight.
Steve Tasho, Kevin Dias, Jim Shaloup, Jack Lang

       The final part of the event was a fireworks display sponsored by Evolution Sports Performance and put on by Atlas Pyrotechnics of New Hampshire. Luckily we were blessed to have the Easton Fire Department at the fireworks display as well. The show was stunning. Everyone watched in awe. The fireworks boomed and they burst, and they left everyone feeling like they had had a fabulous day with friends and families.

Not only did everyone have a good time at the event but also the event raised a lot of money for charity. All the proceeds will be going to needy and undeserved families and children in the local area. The proceeds from the event really help families and children to be able to be a part of activities that other children and families are accustomed to.  With that being said a special thanks for Halvorsen Orthodontics for their great donation and their loyalty to our cause! 
Thanks to our sponsors, Evolution Sports Performance, Halvorsen Orthodontics, Morse Insurance, Roche Bros, and Easton Pool and Spa! Also thank you to the members of the golf committee Rob Byron from Winter Wyman & Company, Dennis Harkins from The Children’s Museum in Easton, Steve Hutcheson from Mansfield Bank, Richard Kerr from Goodwin Procter, Mark Lombardi from Easton Country Club, Andrew Peterson from the Easton Running Club, Dayne Prothero from TeamPro and Scott Vokey from Bank of America. The hard work of all the sponsors and golf committee members really made this event what it was, a great success! Thank you so much!

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