Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Fun for Everyone: Tie Dye, Magic, and Smiling Faces

Summer can be a fun but difficult time. The weather is nice, there are tasty cold treats, and beach trips can consume your weekends. However, in between enjoying all the summer fun there are days when children get bored and antsy. Sometimes playing at home isn’t enough for them and they want to do more.

Every Thursday and Friday the Museum hosts its Summer Drop in Days that bring fun to a whole new level! All drop in day events are free with Museum admission, and each Drop in Day is centered on a different topic.  Performers and different creatures visit the Museum and teach kids about a variety of different topics. Princess, Pirates, Puppies, and snakes are all great examples of the different types of visitors the Museum gets on Drop in Days.
 All of our Drop in Days include hands on craft activities like our Tie Dye day. July 10th visitors of the Museum got to tie dye shirts with assistance from our helpful volunteers. The tie-dying took place from 9am-3pm in the Museum’s outdoor space The Wild Place. Visitors had a blast learning how to tie dye. In addition to being a fun activity children also learned the importance of following rules and being patient. 
After tie-dying families toured the Museum indoors and outdoors where they continued to have more fun! Some kids chose to play with dinosaurs, some decided to build cool new contraptions and some slid down the fire pole, but by the end of the day everyone left here happy and satisfied!

We also recently had an incredible magic show performed by the Amazing Magic Matt! Matt is also the official magician for the Boston Red Sox, so if you go to a game this summer keep an eye out for him! Matt’s show included so many amazing magic tricks involving ribbons, balloons, cards and many more interesting objects. Many kids who attended said some of their favorite parts were Matt’s egg trick and card trick. With help from the crowd Magic Matt put on a show that everyone would remember.

Matt was the experienced magician on stage but plenty of his little helpers seemed to have what it took to be a magician superstar! Brody was in attendance for the second show and had actually served as one of Matt’s helpers! Though the “Knot trick” was his favorite, when I spoke with Brody he said he had a fun time on stage and loved everyone clapping for him. As someone who seemed very shy when I spoke to him, he lit up the crowd with excitement with his humor and energy. Brody loved the magic show so much he hopes to maybe try some tricks at home! Brody is a perfect example of magic Matt’s wise words. “Everyone has a little pixie dust” and as long as Brody has his he’ll continue to make people happy. 

If you missed this Summer Drop in, or are looking for more fun click here for more Summer Drop in info!

*Written by Love Boussiquot PR intern

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