Friday, August 1, 2014

Visitors have "Snow much Fun" at the Children's Museum in Easton

 Who doesn’t love to cool down in the summer? The Children’s Museum in Easton recently had the Snow Queen as our special guest. Although she didn’t use her Ice Powers her performance provided a nice escape from summer.  

The Snow queen sang three of her most popular songs and also read a story to the audience! Everyone in attendance had a blast dancing and singing along while admiring the beautiful crystal’s on the Snow Queen’s dress. After the performance everyone got the chance to get an autograph, take a picture, and even get a hug from her!

Before and after the performances children enjoyed making crafts in the wild place. Visitors had the chance to make “ice castles” with a special concoction that made the castles glimmer like ice, Olaf masks, and crowns that they were able to decorate themselves. Mix 104.1 also stopped by to give out delicious vanilla ice cream treats that many visitors enjoyed!

Boys and girls enjoyed the show, and many children were dressed for the event. Some put funky hair colors in their hair while others came in costume so they could match with the Snow Queen. The Hair Cuttery also provided their services and transformed everyone into royalty. Some children got cool streaks of color and glitter in their hair, while others got a classic braid. Some parents also got a little makeover too!

Although “Frozen Friday” is over, there are still many ways you can have “Snow much fun” in summer. Check out the museum “Fun for kids” page for Ideas!

Written by Love Boussiquot, PR Intern

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