Thursday, August 13, 2015

Date Night

By Carla Ramsey

Life can get mundane and flat at times. My husband and I are always on the lookout for something new and flavorful, where we can kiss the kids goodnight and head out for some adult time with each other and friends. Living in
Easton has many great qualities but, no matter where you live … sometimes you want to do something new and different

Having two kids under the age of 8, I became quite the frequent patron to The Children’s Museum in Easton. Now you may say, “Where is this going;” children museum and adult time do not sound like a story that can be brewed together…

Last year, The Children’s Museum in Easton held a fundraising event to support the exhibits and education programs of the museum, A Night At The Brewseum. It was a night where adults could mingle, taste local beers and partake in a new and exciting outing. It was a celebration for each of us to have the time we needed in an atmosphere we were looking for. We invited a close couple of friends and walked down to the center of North Easton.

Upon arriving, we were immediately impressed with the organization and
efforts the staff and volunteers had put into this event. Outside in The Wild Place, their outdoor learning center was transformed into a Beer Garden. Breweries were set up under tents, allowing us tasters to mingle and sample. There were 14 craft beer producers from the North Shore to Western Massachusetts and a few that stretched outward to Maine and other New England points. We each found our favorites and found ourselves mapping out a plan of action to taste several again and make our way onto the other breweries while enjoying the live entertainment. The scene was really “hoppy”!

After trying every 3 oz sample our palate desired in a classy (real glass!)
2015 Tasting Glass
souvenir tasting glass, we decided to venture inside to see what else was being offered. There was more live entertainment and my husband and his friend, Dave, found a great place to hang out … the local amateur brew competition was right downstairs, and they had a feeling that their opinion needed to be heard. They, as did I and Dave’s wife Sarah, sampled what our “neighbors” were offering from their basement brew experiments. Let me tell you, these competitors took this event with all seriousness and we were all quite impressed. Some of them deserved to be outside with the big boys!

Home Brewing Competition Inside
Now that we were feeling effervescent, we took our bellies over to the catered food section and enjoyed some complimentary nourishment from Buffalo Wild Wings plus a lot more food available to be purchased outside. With great conversation, meeting friends of old and making friends of new, everything was what my husband and I were looking for.

And now, all four of us will be returning to this year’s A Night At The Brewseum on August 22nd. We are popping with curiosity to see what the amateurs will be brewing up, as well as what other great regional breweries will have to offer this year! Kudos’ to The Children’s Museum in Easton and their staff and volunteers for not just hosting the beer tasting but for catering to our thirst for more!

Hope to see you at the event!

Tickets are still available for the 2nd Annual Night At The Brewseum.
Click here for event details.

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