Friday, April 4, 2008

Hooray. 3 comments on one entry and over 300 hits? I’m glad this blog can be as helpful as possible, even with a dead link. Michelle pointed out to me in her comment that my New England Mamas link wasn’t working. I apologize, and have fixed it so the article about discount museum passes can be viewed by all. I revealed to the Mamas (in a comment on their entry), the Childrens Museum in Easton is a great discount during these hard times of insanely high gas prices. Our membership has unlimited visits for an entire year for $60 (for 2 people), $70 (for 3 people), or $80 (for 4 people). For $100 we also offer the ACM reciprocal membership that offers entry to 110 children’s museums throughout the country for an entire year. To see a list of these museums, check here. We also offer free on and off street parking.
Chris Vacchi noted in his comment on my last post, I shouldn’t give him all the credit for the updated website, as several people contributed. I just wanted to embarrass Chris, though, so no one else needs to be mentioned. Again, if you're wondering what Chris looks like, see below.

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  1. We HIGHLY recommend memberships to all of our friends, as we have one and it's more than paid for itself in only a few visits. By the way, thanks for the "favorite" mention on you tube. Interesting that someone besides our family has seen our video clips/blog.
    Hope to be back at the museum soon! MinimeMomma & the Superkids